Hello I’m Jessica Martinez

My name is Jessica and I have discovered my love of photography! Capturing life’s little memories fills me with indescribable joy and happiness.

I am blessed to take part in capturing the look of adoration in a child’s eyes, the glow of young love, the excitement of new opportunities ahead, the warmth of family, and so much more. I truly believe that beauty can be found all around us and in us at all times. I am so lucky to take part in recording that beauty for future generations!

I believe that I have been blessed with talent, creativity, and enthusiasm and it is my turn to share that with others. Through my photography, I hope to make the world around me a little brighter.

Along with photography, here are some more of my favorite things…

  • My family who is always supportive of what I do
  • My adorable, energetic huskies
  • Jonas Brothers

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